If you have found this web site because you have received a charge on your credit card or debit card, please read the following.

There is a company billing credit cards and/or debit cards, called ClickIncome Inc. The credit card or debit card statement shows the charge, and typically provides a toll free telephone number. It also typically lists a name, but this name is not ClickIncome. This appears to be an attempt by ClickIncome Inc. to deflect any complaints away from themselves. The company that is charging the credit and/or debit cards is ClickIncome Inc., but by listing another name on the credit or debit card billing statement, they make it more difficult for people to find out who is actually placing charges on the credit and/or debit cards.

ClickIncome Inc. sometimes charges the credit card or debit card only once, but has been know to apply a recurring monthly charge to the card, taking money out every month, until the card is cancelled, or until they are asked to stop. The company is based in Utah, and there have been many complaints filed against them at the Utah Better Business Bureau (BBB).

The owners of this web page have received a number of complaints related to these credit card charges, though we are in no way affiliated with ClickIncome Inc. We are therefore providing the information on this web page to help those affected individuals find the correct contact information for the company, ClickIncome Inc.

We have obtained the following information from the Utah BBB website:


ClickIncome Inc.
9543 South 700 East, Suite 100
Sandy, UT 84070-3495

Additional Addresses:
9547 South 700 East, Suite 200
Sandy, UT 84070-3489

9547 South 700 East
Sandy, UT 84070-3489

Telephone number and fax number:
Tel: (801) 571-0016
Fax: (801) 838-9856

Additional Phone Numbers
Tel: (800) 576-9441
Tel: (800) 731-7230
Tel: (801) 838-9857


Email Addresses:

To find out more, contact the Utah Better Business Bureau. You may also use the link below to see the Better Business Bureau’s review of the company, ClickIncome Inc: